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About our  program!

Prestigious Pearls, Inc. was created to help young children, from 7-19 years old, develop high self esteem, determination, persistence, high academic achievement  community involvement, and the importance of health through the art of dance.


The company's main focus is to provide them with a safe environment of well monitored activites. We provide a platform for the kids to excel not only in dance also as a gateway into being a successful person in today's society.


We are set on the purpose To Entertain, To Educate, and To Empower.


The company's staff is composed of over 20 years of experience in the field of dance for example lyrical praise, modern dance, hip hop, theatrical, majorette, etc.


The activites done in the past, present, and future includes fundraisers (car wash, fish fry, candy sells, showcases, etc.), seminars for dance, parade performance, and exhibitions or dance competitions.


All funds raised will go towards providing the kids with all the essentials they would need to participate in any program of choice. Also the proceeds will pay for venues rentals, travel, hotel accomodations, food, prizes, back to school essentials and more.


Our goal at Prestigious Pearls is to ensure no child is left behind because of financial difficulties. We aim to ensure that all children are at the top of the class for years to come! 

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