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Meet the Roayl Court


Miss Maroon & Gold

Brazil Milan is a native of Harlem NY, but currently resides in Lithonia GA.

Brazil attends Lithonia high  school as sophomore president  and also takes performing arts online classes, determined to attend an HBCU and dreams of becoming a triple threat (singer,actress,dancer)


Platform statement: While upholding the title of Miss Maroon & Gold, i want too strategically and purposely make a difference in my environment and with my sisters. 


With my voice and wit I will find ways to help the girls enhance themselves socially, emotionally, mentally, and educationally. 


Set the tone on being able to walk through their valleys of understanding. 


Demonstrating the values of Communication, courage, purpose and intent. 


Building success, understanding love and their truth with firmness. 


Create personal values with in love and independence so that once they learn how to be there for themselves without depending on anyone else for validation then they’ll be able to have that bond with one another without self-doubt- self fear. They’ll be able to genuinely love each other as sisters outside and inside the dance world and help each other out without it having to be a competition with one another. I want to teach them how to handle situations the right way. 


We can all as an organization to step up and help out because we can't always be about self. I want to teach them that giving back is important and necessary. 

This Organizations motto is to Uplift, Educate and Empower. I want that to actually mean something to the girls so they can share that same kind of motivation another place and to other people


My Motto in life: never be afraid of the power you hold.  put in that work.  keep your eye on your intent and trust that god can do exceedingly and abundantly beyond my imagination 


Quote in life: your gifts will make room for you so if you want it you have to see it with a clear eye view. I don’t know what can’t is, my hustle Will  never stop because the only way to  loose is to quit. And the one person capable of holding you back is you 

Miss Royal 10k

Ma’Kayla curry better known as Kayla ) Makayla is the daughter of Tamika Curry and Bradon Thomas . Makayla was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Makayla currently attends DeKalb school of arts with honor. Makayla would like to attend an HBCU college which is Famu . When Makayla grows up her dream is  to be an lawyer and attend the military. My goal is to keep a positive attitude and watch my dreams unfold. 


Platform statement: I am very happy to be miss junior 10k. I would like to get the team involved in the USO. Which is an American nonprofit charitable corporation that provides live entertainment such as comedians , actors, and musicians, and other programs to members of the United States Armed forces and their families. My platform consist of feeding the homeless, doing volunteer hours at senior living community. Also participate in Fundraisers and charity events. 


Quote on life … You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Why dream small when u can dream big .


Motto in life …  My motto in life is to do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better. 

Miss Junior 10k